7 Ways To Increase The Amount Of Candidates Entering Your Recruitment Funnel

Ask hiring managers to attend employee referral sessions and get everyone in their team to attend too. Hiring managers and their teams will have the best networks even if they need refreshing from time to time. Employee referral sessions are a great way to remind everyone of the referral bonus, build relationships and get more candidates into the hiring process.

Encourage hiring managers to be pro-active on social media and to share information about where they work and current job opportunities. It is important that hiring managers act as social media ambassadors. Tools are available that allow employees to be able to quickly distribute content to all social media channels and stimulate interest in joining your company.

Show hiring managers how to create their own talent communities through adding interesting candidates to their networks for pipe-lining. Most candidates are not ready to talk to a recruiter but they may be open to joining the network of a hiring manager.

Ask hiring managers to create a 30 second video on why candidates should join their team. The video can be uploaded and shared on social media and also attached to emails and outreach messages. Video (even better if it is personalised) is becoming an excellent tool in the fight for candidate attention.

Make sure that hiring managers have up to date email signatures that lead candidates to the your social media channels and jobs page. Who knows… maybe the customer or client that they are dealing with (and who they can not approach) is made aware of opportunities and is keen to apply.

Ask your hiring managers for market intelligence on where they hang out online. Do they attend meetups, are they active on forums or do they attend conferences. They are all good sources of potential candidates. A lot of hiring managers need reminding of this and their knowledge can provide you with a good source to get more candidates into your recruitment funnel.

Hiring managers are the best people to explain what exactly their team does, where they fit in an organisation, what the role is and what type of candidates would fit the job. Hiring managers are therefore integral to the success of recruitment webinars.