Webinars – A Growing Medium of Choice

Webinars are a growing medium of choice for greater visibility among targeted audiences.

Webinars have acquired the tag of a powerful tool in distributing information to targeted prospects. The biggest advantage of webinars lies in their ability to share information, to generate interest and demand among the audience.

Through audio and visual means, webinars possess the power to showcase and educate candidates, transforming an unaware prospect into a highly aware prospect. 73% of enterprises swear by webinars to generate high-quality leads and 57% of marketers plan to create more webinars in the future.

Companies can inform the targeted candidate audience about specific job details and career opportunities. Webinar attendees can learn about the must-have vs the need to have job skills, they can familiarize themselves with the history of the company, current and future growth prospects (both personal and company), company culture and see their future team members live or on-demand.

If a candidate is serious about joining your company, they are going to research your company and look to gather as much information as possible. Being proactive and visible about your opportunities shows the candidates that you are serious about the career opportunities that you offer. As webinars are typically live and not edited, you are offering candidates a genuine insight into who they will be working with.

Webinars can not only be recorded and used for on-demand needs but also they can be broadcast live via social media. So not only can you send pre-recorded webinars out to potential candidates in initial outreach messages, you can also catch passive candidates who are following you already on social media. Facebook and Twitter are great examples of channels that allow you to promote webinars live to followers.

As the lines between marketing and recruitment become more blurred, coupled with the increases in automation in sourcing, companies will have to become stronger in attracting candidates to open positions. Clearly, webinars are one way of building up your talent pipelines. Stellify can help you with a full webinar management solution with the technology, sharing of best practices, the webinar promotion, engagement and attraction of the right talent.

*All statistics provided by GoToWebinar / LogMeIn